„The Father” – a novel about the fatality of vengeance and the inglorious humanism of anonyms

The father was so pure, that you sometimes felt like killing him’ – this is one of the key phrases of this novel written in the Albanian language, in Bucharest (2003). A sexagenarian father, his wife and their only son withstand a history where the dictatorship of an ideology has become a dictatorship against destiny, the dictatorship of destiny against the individual and (secretly) the dictatorship of each man against all. ‘When the ideologies only lead to utopias – often being transformed into multiple massacres – in such a way that man is satisfied with little and pleased with nothing, The Father has helped me see well-known things, but never written, and written things, but unknown on a profound level. For often, where life seems unbearable, the intensity of feelings, of questions lacking an answer, is a kind of miracle’ the author said.
The Father”* introduces a new vision of the ancient phenomenon of vengeance (blood-taking / gjakmarrja – AL.). Any relation between generations contains at least one (sometimes instinctive) tendency to revenge. Each generation feels justified to take revenge on the previous generation, supposedly in the name of the following generation, and in this manner three generations are hurt. In this context, “The Father” is also a hymn to parents’ silent sacrifices and generally to ancestors who were ideologically and not spiritually judged.

Title: The Father
Place of publication: Tirana, Albania
Year of publication: 2017
Publisher: Botimet Poeteka
ISBN: 978-9928-230-06-5
Genre: Novel
© all rights reserved to Botimet Poeteka

ARDIAN KYÇYKU – Pen names: Ardian-Christian Kyçyku / Kuciuk, writer of Albanian and Romanian born on the 23rd of August 1969, Pogradec, Albania, author of more than 50 original books (novels, short prose, theater, scenarios, scientific studies, essays, antologies, translations). Doctor in Comparative and Universal Literature, university Professor. Rector of the Romanian University of Science and Arts “Gheorghe Cristea” – Bucharest. Since 1998 he is co-founder and co-director of European Review “Haemus”, which has an archive of over 7.500 pages. Founding member of the Albanian Cultural Association “Haemus” and of Haemus Institut – Balcanic Studies. National Literary Prize of Albania “Silver Pen”, Tirana 2013; Honorary Citizen of Pogradec 2014; Kult Academy Prize “The best book / The best author”, Tirana 2015 and 2018; Prize II „Katarina Josip” for Albanian Original Drama, Prishtina 2016; Grand Prix at Très Court International Film Festival – Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2017; Ambassador of the Nation, Albania 2019 

* Kult Academy Prize “The best book / The best author” 2018

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